8,000 Rubber Trees


Apr 14


I have to admit, I’ve been bitten by the killer bug of the 21st Century. Impatience, it’s eating away at me. (Like the annoying spinning coloured wheel on my computer screen, so are the days of my life).

Thumbing through an old book the other day I read about the Chinese bamboo tree. Hard to imagine the collective frustration from 1 billion of the earth’s population watching nothing but a tiny shoot sprout from a seed after four years. What’s up with that? It turns out that during that time the Chinese bamboo develops some kind of amazing root structure that allows it to grow up to 25 metres in its fifth year.

It reminded me of the importance of time, patience and planning, whatever your interest – family or the environment or helping your international neighbour.

In 2014 the 2h project will plant 8,000 rubber trees in the north west of Cambodia as part of our Farming for Futures project. Unlike the Chinese bamboo the rubber saplings will grow above the ground as well as beneath it. But they will share this in common; a rubber tree will take five years before the milky sap known as latex can be tapped and profits can be used to support disadvantaged communities. A long term, sustainable future – our goal, my teacher.

The trees will be planted over a 15 hectare area of land after spending 6 months being grafted to local conditions. Each tree is planted by hand in rows six metres wide, in each row trees are planted 3 metres apart. A rubber tree can grow between 30 to 40 metres tall and can live up to 100 years.

And the best news of all, it costs just $5 to plant a tree and change a life.  Donate on-line today and build a better future.

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