A Few Thistles



Sep 09


Not sure if anyone’s ‘content’ with a few thistles in life.

But its inevitable. Things do ‘crop’ up.

So it’s been with our Farming for Futures project. In 2008, 50.5 hectares were planted expecting to harvest in March 2009. However, the world economy took a hit, the market prices fell and our crop was better left in the ground. Fortunately we’ve been able to postpone the harvest. The prices are now on the rise and harvest is planned for later this year.


As a grassroots organisation it was a significant decision to invest in the future of the Cambodian economy. To believe that the nation would build a better future; that the lives of the poor would improve as the country went forward. To give hand ups, not hand outs.

With healthy markets the farm will create hundreds of job opportunites for local workers each year and at the same time channel profits for start up finance to our micro-finance projects. At optimum production some 250 small businesses will be funded each year from the success of the farm.

Our greatest challenge today, … tools, big ones! With over 2000 metric tons of harvest around the corner a shed, a truck and a tractor are critical pieces of equipment we don’t yet have.



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