A Million Smiles

mike worsman


Jun 13


Mike Worsman Adelaide based film maker and journalist asks the question; ‘what makes people smile?‘. Is it money, a nice house and a couple of kids?

“The idea for a million smiles movie started some years ago, but came to a head waiting at a busy pedestrian crossing. Having just read that loneliness was now the number one cause of depression in Western society, I looked at the people around me. Walking with their heads down, not acknowledging each other, (let alone smiling) it hit me – the world was on a dangerous path, we ‘didn’t have time for eachother’”.

Collecting stories and footage for the Million Smiles project Mike dropped in on the 2h Project’s eye clinic in Cambodia. “What struck me most about was the enormous and extreme lengths the staff at Battambang Ophthalmic Clinic were willing to go to end the suffering of blind people across Cambodia”.

One of the most moving tales to come out of Mike’s visit was the story of four year old Ravid. Diagnosed blind at just 2 months this otherwise normal young boy was literally rescued from a life of hardship and misery thanks to the heart and dedication of BOC. “And then life changes. To see his mum for the first time was life changing. To give someone’s sight back is to give them their life back”. Ravid’s mum’s smile says it all.

Or there was the young boy who led his blind grandmother to the eye clinic in search of help, who in spite of Mike’s best efforts would not smile, that is until the boy’s grandmother opened her eyes after surgery and was able to see her grandson again. The transformation was priceless, a smile like you’ve never seen before!

In search of ‘the smile’ with the team from BOC Mike came across some amazing stories. We’re looking forward to seeing them in the Million Smiles movie, follow the adventure at

Thanks Mike for all you do, you continue to put a smile on our face.

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