About 2h


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The 2h Project is a not for profit Australian development organisation working with local communities overseas to bring help and build hope for the poor and disadvantaged.

We believe that the ultimate help and hope for humanity is found in the offer of friendship by a loving God through the person of Jesus Christ. Our efforts are inspired by his life.




Our present focus is in the nation of Cambodia, in rural, remote and urban environments covering four broad areas of development; micro-enterprise, land and housing development, medical initiatives, training and education.

Along with our efforts in Cambodia, we give an equal commitment to raising awareness within Australia to the plight of Cambodia’s poor. We hope that this will encourgae others to think globally and act locally in making the world a better place.



Partnership – we believe that loving, honest and open friendships form the basis for any ongoing and effective improvement.

Empowerment – we believe that people need to be enabled and released to help themselves rather than creating a dependence on outsiders.

Sustainability – we believe in investing in projects and people for lasting and continuous returns.

Equality – we believe in helping people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, culture, gender, religious belief or any other distinguishing factor.

Accountability – we believe every human being makes their best contribution when working in the cooperative environment of a caring community.

Holistic Care – we believe that a human life is indivisible and needs to be cared for as such; body, soul and spirit.

Transformation – we believe that changing the world has as much to do with renewing our own hearts and minds as it does with doing something practical “out there”.

Christ-centred – we believe that Jesus Christ gives the perfect example to follow in our love for ourselves, our fellow man, the world we live in and the God who placed us here.



What can you possibly do to leave the world a better place? Especially when married and managing a family of three boys.

But for Kate Taylor, challenged to be helpful beyond her family, the first step was to leave the comforts and the routine of home. A short visit to Cambodia with a team in 1999 began an ongoing love for the Cambodian people and a commitment to do something to help a nation redeveloping after years of hardship.




Since that initial trip the 2h has taken teams to Cambodia each year to help with specific projects, to raise awareness of conditions and adversities facing the local people and to build a network of volunteers, supporters and donors across Australia.

Over the last 9 years a wonderful collection of individuals, communities and organisations have carried out the work on the ground full time in Cambodia to bring about positive and lasting change for so many. It is through these people and agencies that The 2h Project continues to partner, empowering local people who carry vision and leadership for their nation.


Cambodia is home to the Khmer. The Khmer are an ancient people with a rich culture and a proud past. The Khmer empire of old has left reminders of its strength in the region through the temples found in the north-west of the country, the most well known of Angkor Wat being a central monument to the nations one time religious, military and political influence.

In more recent times Cambodia has suffered at the hands of both Asian and European invaders as well as the most significant and destructive civil uprising under the leadership of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

From 1975 to the early 1980’s it was estimated that Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge had murdered nearly a third of their own country’s population; close to 2 million people.




In spite of the massive loss of life and breakdown in civil infrastructure Cambodians have set themselves to patiently rebuild and move forward toward a better tomorrow. Their generous nature and happy spirit continues to shine and makes them among the world’s most lovable people.  Whilst the people, the countryside and the culture are rich with life, Cambodia continues to need help in the process of deliberate redevelopment.

With close to 90% of the population living in rural and remote settings access to basic health care, fresh drinking water and food, shelter, education and employment are among the nations most pressing needs.