Cambodia, country in need

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Feb 09


The 2h project is a grassroots development initiative founded by Adelaide mother of three Kate Taylor.

Tired of feeling helpless in the face of global injustice, Kate made an important discovery, “Making a positive difference in one person’s life can make a world of difference”. An initial trip to Cambodia in 2000 and the idea to ‘do it for one’ had a lasting impact.

The 2h Project was birthed, the belief that help ignites hope!

Since then 2h has steadily developed a network of relationships with groups of people on the ground, working with and supporting local initiatives providing awareness and funding for alleviating the causes and effects of poverty.

The 2h Project also continues to build a growing number of ‘friends’ in the developed world, people committed to lending a hand but who’ve previously been unsure where to begin. For people with an interest in making the world a better place 2h presents an opportunity to make a lasting and ongoing difference.

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