End of Financial Year



Jun 10


This year we aim to expand the Safe Arrivals training program. To be honest, at the moment we can’t afford it! The funds simply aren’t there. But we are convinced of the project’s worth and the need to spend additional time, energy and money in building Cambodia’s traditional birth attendant’s skills and developing effective networks for midwives right across the country.

The Safe Arrivals project aims to link with what is already working, not replace it. As we like to say, ‘Tradition touches lives, training can save them’.

With the end of the financial year approaching, would you consider making a tax deductible donation? Now is a great time to give – and it’s now that we need your help! Reduce your taxable income for 2010 or allocate next year’s charitable donation today.
Through your generous gift we can reach this year’s budget of $45,000 and together we can significantly reduce the infant and maternal mortality rates and wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday’. 

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