Experiencing the Difference



Apr 09


Coming face to face with poverty – Kate Taylor had been gently nagging me about visiting Cambodia for a number of years. I’d heard the stories, and I’d even contributed in a small way financially but due to a number of excellent excuses, I hadn’t made the trip.

Now it was time to see for myself whether the stories were true and the people and projects were a worthy investment.

It didn’t take long. A few days into the trip we visited an inner city slum where 100 families lived without lighting, water, sewerage – it was damp and smelly. Making our way back down the stairs in the dark, without hand rails, I was glad to be back out in the light. I passed by a middle aged woman who said something that I didn’t quite catch.

She repeated herself, but I couldn’t make any sense of it. I moved closer. This time it was clear – ‘Please help us’ she said. Her words were confronting.

I nodded and blundered my way back to our team. I left, but the ‘troubled’ feeling came with me.

Steve Swain
‘Total Furnishing Care’ – Victoria

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