Extraordinary Beth

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May 10


Be nice to your teachers. Leaving school might not be the last you see of them. Beth Grinter is living proof.

Program Director for the Bachelor of Midwifery at UniSA, Beth meets a lot of students. (Not all of them ask her to travel to a developing nation!)   

‘Without Beth Grinter, Safe Arrivals wouldn’t have been possible!’ says Kate Taylor. ‘Three years ago she backed the idea when other people were asking me, ‘what do you know about training traditional birth attendants in a developing nation’?’ (Hmmm, nothing really!)

‘Beth was always comical at Uni, good fun to be around’ remembers Kate, ‘a sense of humor is helpful if you’re planning to do something other people think is crazy’.  

In 2007 (a year after graduating), Kate asked Beth if she’d help train tradtional birth attendants in Cambodia. Since that time, she has travelled every year with the Safe Arrivals team and helped train hundreds of birth attendants and midwives in rural and remote parts of the country. Early mornings, long days, strange foods, hundreds of kilometres travelling on bouncy roads, stifling humidity, torrential rain, bogged vehicles, hour on hour of training, sleepless nights and Beth keeps on coming – always good fun to be around! ‘She knows her stuff inside and out. She gets stuck in, works hard and respects what’s gone before’ reflects Kate. ‘Her knowledge and her great reputation as a professional educator have opened up so many doors to the program’.  

Beth’s involvement with 2h has helped launch something amazing. Her time, her energy, her own finance and her years of experience and expertise will result in literally thousands of ‘Happy Birthdays’ for families right across Cambodia.

Thanks a million Beth! You’re every bit extraordinary!


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