Farming for Futures

A Sustainable, Locally Run Response to Poverty


The 2h Project | Farming for Futures from Matt Whittington on Vimeo.


More than 80% of Cambodia’s population live in rural and remote areas and an opportunity presented itself to create a project that provides local employment opportunities and empowers an indigenous response to the challenge of poverty alleviation. Farming for Futures ensures Cambodian land is managed in a way that benefits its people and most importantly, helps keep families together, where they belong.


Using local knowledge and expertise and planting crops suitable to the Cambodian climate, Farming for Futures presents a successful investment in sustainable livelihoods. Supervisors manage day-to-day responsibilities, including cultivation and planting, ongoing maintenance and harvests, while profits are used to create small business loans.


This initiative means it is now possible for people to benefit from the ownership of land that was previously only available to a privileged few. Around 55 hectares of high quality farming land is now managed and worked by local people.


Farming for Futures is always growing, and finding new methods and machines to increase efficiency and employment opportunities. If you would like to help keep Farming for Futures running, donate today!