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Feb 09


The Dollars Make Sense

People think it’s about the money. Kind of hard to argue with them when you know the difference it makes. It has the power to save lives. It has the power to ruin lives. Strange to imagine a world without it, when all we ever do is think about it.

Maybe it’s not the thinking that’s such a problem. Perhaps it’s what we think about doing with it once we’ve got it. Where would we spend it? Better still, where would we invest it?

Surely one of the greatest principles of investment is to invest where you expect the biggest return. Whoever said anything about me or mine? Could it be that someone else might benefit a whole lot more from the investment you make?

Become a friend of 2h

The 2h Project is a network of people just like you and I. We’ve joined with others who like us, genuinely want to help make the world a better place for the poor and disadvantaged. There are a variety of ways that people can do that through The 2h Project but the first and most important way is to register as a friend of 2h.

Start a Small Business

We’ve been so encouraged by the response to ‘Adopt a Small Business’. Individuals, groups of workmates, small business owners, corporate managers, groups of mums and families have taken on the challenge to sponsor a small business loan. For just $300AUS an entire family can break the chains of poverty with an opportunity to start their own micro-enterprise. Why not give a gift that goes on being paid forward again and again! Contact us at to welcome home a small business today.

Host a 2h Presentation

One of the really important parts of what we do is getting out and sharing the message of The 2h Project. We love telling the stories and helping people see that a little bit of help can really make a huge difference. Most people don’t know what the situation is like for people living in poverty.

The 2h presentation can be a real eye opener; including brightly coloured banners, DVD clips, fair trade products, hands on displays and photographs from the MercyFields Collection. Whether it’s for a group of 2000 or 20, people will love hearing and seeing the inspiring part that people can play in each others lives. The presentation is perfect for school groups (children/staff), business teams, young mums groups, service groups, churches, universities, sporting clubs etc. Arrange a 2h presentation at

2h Teams

Each year 2h takes teams to Cambodia to be involved in a very hands on way. No two teams are exactly the same with the itinerary changing according to the projects that are up and running and the skills and experience of the individuals on the team. The teams consist of approximately 8-10 members and the duration of the trip lasts for around 2 weeks. For the requirements for 2h team members and a registration of interest check the attached forms. Find out more from

Host a 2h Fundraising Event

Help raise important funds for The 2h Project by arranging your own fundraiser. People have organized quiz nights, movie premieres, dinners, silent auctions, morning teas and heaps more to join the fundraising efforts. We’re presently arranging a free trade party for fundraising in your home, keep in touch for details. If you’d like to support the 2h in this way or share a creative idea let us know at

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