Half the Sky

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Mar 13


In 2010 foreign correspondents for the New York Times Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn published their compelling book ‘Half the Sky’. Half the Sky contains an array of extraordinary real life stories that uncover the barbaric abuses that women face on a daily basis. “It’s impossible to stand by and do nothing after reading Half the Sky” – George Clooney.

“Honor killings, sexual slavery, and genital cutting may seem to Western readers to be tragic but inevitable in a world far, far away. In much the same way, slavery was once widely viewed by many decent Europeans and Americans as a regrettable but ineluctable feature of human life”.

We live at a time in history where ‘information’ is right at hand. Now Half the Sky inspires us to do something about what we know. Read the book, join the movement.

(Or if books aren’t your thing, check out the documentary)

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