Join a Team

We seriously try to avoid the ‘tick it off’ mentality or the Contiki Tour mindset.

Neither do we see our teams as some kind of ‘bootcamp for missionaries’.
Instead, we simply try to connect people – with themselves, likeminded people and the world we live in.



Who can be part of a 2h team?

To be eligible to be part of a 2h team you first need to become a Friend of 2h

The minimum age is 15 years (there is no upper limit). The travel component requires a moderate to good level of health and fitness.

No qualifications are necessary for the general or corporate teams. One of the main reasons the teams were established was to allow ordinary, inexperienced and unqualified people to see the world in another way.


Why be part of a 2h team?

There is no substitute for being on the ground. Postcards and photos are great but there is nothing like seeing it for yourself.

Our teams serve two purposes. First of all, we believe the experience helps shape our lives to remain globally aware and locally active. Secondly, people in less fortunate circumstance are encouraged by the time and effort taken to visit.


What do we do?

Teams are more than trips. We invite people to invest their lives in engaging with 2h projects, people, programs and opportunities to volunteer. You’ll have a chance to interact with others with a similar motivation and talk through a range of issues.

We aim to give each team a unique grassroots development experience. Not only do we involve team members with our projects already operating on the ground but we also endeavor to interface with the harsh realities of life in a developing nation.

Teams visit current and prospective loan recipients in our microfinance project, screen villagers in rural and remote regions for cataract surgery and work and sleep at our 55 hectare agricultural project in the picturesque Cambodian countryside.

Safe Arrivals Teams (midwifery training) travel to a variety of regional locations to present the training program as well as have the opportunity to visit other 2h projects.


What’s involved?

Register your interest in joining a 2h team by email  –

An application form will be forwarded to you. The 2h Project reserves the right to vet all applications in keeping with team requirements and the places available. Applications need to be complete a minimum of 5 months prior to the team departure.


Cost of travel

Team members are responsible for all travel, accommodation and living costs. The following expenses are approximate and based on a 10 day team:

•    Airfare $AUS1000-$1300 p/p
•    Passport and travel vaccinations
•    Overnight stay in Kuala Lumpur $AUS100
•    In country accommodation $US250 (based on 10 day team)
•    In country travel $US250
•    Food approximately $US300
•    Entry visa $US20



Separate from an individual’s personal expenses 2h requires that all team members commit to reaching a $AUS3500 fundraising target.

This significant goal has two outcomes. Firstly it helps a team member engage with our organisation, other likeminded people and our projects for an extended period of time and not just the length of the trip. Secondly, without the hard work and generosity that the fundraising dollars represent our projects could not continue.