Kate Shadiac’s Story



Mar 10


The November 2h Project journey was a very rewarding experience. The trip well organised and gave the group a thorough insight to how poor these Cambodian people live. But it also showed how hard they work and do the best they can. They are very community based and are always smiling when they see you. I feel they learned lots from our midwifery training sessions but at the same time, we learnt from them.

It was very exhausting, mentally and physically but was well worth the amazing experiences and memories. Kate and the 2h Project are doing such an amazing job. Kate has achieved so much in the last 10 years and seeing her projects in Cambodia showed how her goal is to enable the micro-enterprises to be self sustainable once the initial loans are paid off.

I recommend that everyone, at least once in their lifetime should experience volunteer work and fundraising for such a good cause!

Kate Shadiac – Registered Midwife FMC

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