Labour Pains

travelling to hospital


Apr 09


The memories that live on

The importance of the birth attendant training really ‘hit home’ for me when I was listening to a woman tell her story at a medical clinic in a remote Cambodian province.

She remembered when her mother began having strong labour pains, and how the birth attendant of the village gathered the family around the pregnant woman before her pains increased.


Her father and other siblings all gave their mum a hug and said ‘goodbye’. The woman explained that she didn’t quite understand why they did this – but that they were all asked to do so before they went off to school.

When she returned from school that afternoon, she was met by her grandma telling her that her mum had died in childbirth, and her father had taken the baby to the local health clinic.

With tears in her eyes she said she would never forget her mum – and now that she was pregnant how scared she felt about labour.



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