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Nov 09


Ever moved house? What’s the heaviest thing to shift? Definitely the fridge!

How many busted door jams, crushed fingers or torn linos have been the result of a fridge finding it’s new home? Well next time you do the ‘upright shuffle’ spare a thought for our friends at BOC. Battambang Opthalmic Centre (BOC) in Cambodia recently received a shipment of ophthalmic equipment from 2h. Sent with ‘love’ and packed to withstand a nuclear strike, no one (in Australia) gave much thought to getting some very heavy and awkward apparatus into the operating theatre – on the first floor!

After a 6,000 kilometre trip by sea and 7 hours by flooded road the last few steps should have been a breeze! After removing the front doors of the centre to make way for the crates here’s how BOC founder Sarou Ek described the ‘climb’; “In the same morning, 8 people to hold up the big operating microscope, it is really difficult to bring heavy weight equipment through tiny stair, but we are all glad to get it, the sweat go out, step by step, finally the microscope reach to Operating Theatre”. 


The sweat go out, step by step! For sure, that thing weighed a tonne (literally)!

The following afternoon, Monday September 28th,  23 eye patients were operated on using the equipment. The YAG Laser, able to treat patients for a variety of ailments is the only one of its kind in the north west of Cambodia. Sarou said, “The staff at BOC are delighted, honoured and proud to have such equipment to help the blind”.

As 2h partners with BOC in reducing the cases and rate of avoidable blindness in Cambodia’s poor, more and more powerful personal stories of transformation continue to emerge. (Keep an eye out in our news). Thanks again to everyone who helped get this important equipment into the hands of a skilled and dedicated team in Cambodia. Thanks to Ellex, Adelaide Eye and Laser Centre, Smith Cannon Freight, AS Packaging and bunch of other individuals, all have been an amazing part of this hugely successful project.

And next time you shift the fridge, don’t forget those 8 guys, balancing some very heavy eye equipment up a very tiny (but long) staircase!     


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