Mother of Six



Nov 10


Why would a stay at home mother of six be taking a trip out of Queensland with a team from 2h? Shay Price admits, “I’m a bit nervous, but I won’t show it.” On Shay’s wedding day she met Kate Taylor for the first time. “She hasn’t stopped bugging me since – now I want to see it, touch it and feel it for myself!” 

If it takes a village to raise a child, then Shay should be right at home in rural Cambodia, she just about has one at her place – a village that is! How many people do you know that have six kids? And if you know one ask yourself if you ever see them. No you don’t! Because they’re busy driving between dance class for the seven year old and picking up the 15 year old from after school work while the 6 month old is screaming for food in the back of the car!

“And your point is?”

We’re all busy. Shay has six kids ranging in ages from 4 to 23. Her husband needs to travel interstate to pick up work because he’s a concrete contractor and it won’t stop raining in Queensland! But, she decided, it would never be the right time or easy to do something for someone else. So she jumped in and said yes.

Shay organised a bunch of fundraising to be part of a team, in particular two coffee making courses with a professional barista and a photographic workshop with a professional photographer (who gave his time free of charge!!).

And the icing on the cake – Shay’s team includes her 17 year old son Kalebh!

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