November 2007 Team Trip


Nov 07


Our regular team trip into Cambodia was a huge success in November, lots of fun and new experiences. The team had opportunity to see a number of 2h projects and roll the sleeves up and get involved. Painting orphanages, laying concrete, digging in farm boundary posts and screening at the eye assessments to mention a few.This was also our first team to sleep out (three nights) at the Farming for Futures project in Paelin – the floor boards they loved sleeping on. Left quite an impression! Hats off to this group, dare we say it; the best team yet!


Team Feedback

Our November team had a great mix of people. Two from Melbourne, several from Adelaide, one from Alice Springs, one recent transfer to Darwin and yes, one lone Kiwi from across the ditch! Here’s what they had to say;

Greg Schultz – Small Business Owner G&E Crash
“Don’t know how to say it … An experience of a lifetime!”

Deborah Ford – Student
“Cambodia was the first time out of New Zealand for me. It was an experience I will never forget. To go is to come back changed.”

Grant Dolphin – Branch Manager, Savings & Loans
“Life changing!”

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