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Apr 10


It was a special day when we officially ‘opened’ our new barn! Especially for Kuchea, our Farming for Futures supervisor.

After walking ahead of a timber truck that moments later lost its wheel and axle to a landmine, Kuchea was lucky to see the building completed and share in the ribbon cutting.

Three months solid work, a load of local help and the barn was the toast of the neighbourhood. At over 24 metres long, 8 metres wide and 8 metres high the new barn is an impressive testament to a gut busting effort. During construction, torrential rains made the local roads impassable. One truck loaded with timber required an ‘antlike’ column of helpers to walk an endless quantity of wooden beams nearly two kilometres to the building site. And, in spite of no let up in the rain, … the barn got built! 

Not only will it provide shelter and security for the hundreds of seasonal workers employed to bring the crop to harvest but the barn will also house thousands of kilos of dried product, riding market fluctuations and allowing the harvest to be sold at more favourable prices. Provision has also been made under the main roof for a tractor and other machinery to be stored, making it just about the complete picture. With over 50 hectares of land now being farmed for the poor, its a fitting addition to the project!  

It would be fair to say this venture had it’s fair share of ups and downs.

But, … looking back, definitely more ups than downs!


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