Kate Taylor is the founder and director of the 2h Project. Kate has a Bachelor of Midwifery and is a practising midwife with Adelaide’s Lyel McEwin Hospital.  Kate’s passion for helping others makes her a popular public speaker.


Rebekah Dolphin has a Bachelor of Accountancy and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Currently she works full time with the family and part-time as financial administrator for the 2h project.


Neil Sheere has been associated with marketing and management in the corporate field for most of his life. His work in the UK, Australia and New Zealand as an executive with the Insurance and Finance Industry makes him an experienced practitioner.


Grant Dolphin is a Marketing Co-ordinator with People’s Choice Credit Union. He has travelled to Southeast Asia many times and brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the formation and planning of 2h teams.


Kevin Taylor has been involved in community development for nearly 20 years.  He continues to oversee the ‘2h’ projects in Cambodia and has recently completed his Masters in International & Community Development with Deakin University.


Anthea Smits is the Deputy CEO with The Difference Incubator. She is lives in Melbourne and has traveled to Cambodia many times with the General and Safe Arrivals team.