Our development projects are built on the understanding that the best response to helping improve the lives of vulnerable people is an indigenous one. In keeping we aim to provide ongoing assistance and support to help local people and local organisations to design, implement and evaluate projects with long term sustainable outcomes.

The 2h Project has no foreign workers embedded, no expensive infrastructure to maintain and no obvious profile within the in-country context.

Farming for Futures

With over 80% of Cambodia’s population living in rural and remote areas, Farming for Futures provides local employment opportunities and empowers an indigenous response to the challenge of poverty alleviation.

Sight to Life

In 2004 2h became aware of the widespread prevalence of avoidable blindness amongst Cambodia’s poor. Cambodia has 160,000 cases of cataract blindness – of which 80-90% are treatable – with only three qualified eye surgeons available.

Safe Arrivals

Safe Arrivals is a training program for midwives with an aim to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity rates in rural and remote areas of Cambodia.

Beyond Business

Inspired by life as a child in a Khmer Rouge labour camp, Piseth has worked with The 2h Project to establish a Micro-fi nance Organisation called Smile of World.