Roads, Bridges, Dams

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Jun 11


Never saw myself as an engineer. Roads, bridges, dams – not things of wonder if I’m honest. Sandpits and toy earthmoving equipment were the last time I got excited about this kind of thing. Useful – granted, but I wouldn’t write home about them … until now.

Standing on top of a hill in the Cambodian countryside I’m looking back down a gravel road. It’s over a kilometre long and its brand spanking new. Part of the road crosses over a creek that’s been bridged with three large concrete pipes. At right angles is a smaller service road that leads to the mother of all dams.

It all looks magnificent. 12 months in the making. Now ask me how I’m feeling.

This year 2h set about a couple of important upgrades on our agricultural project. An access road has been built that runs the length of the property. It allows trucks to enter the farm during harvest free from the risk of getting bogged and costly delays. Making good use of the machinery a dam was also constructed creating a valuable water source for irrigating the crop.

Infrastructure – in·fra·struc·ture noun, the basic physical and organisational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise (Oxford Dictionary)

That’s it in a nutshell – the ‘basic’ things needed. In the world I come from infrastructure is a given. Roads don’t seem in short supply and water is a tap away. They’ve always been there – and I’d never noticed.
A road, a bridge and a dam. Not heart string material but ‘basic’ and I love it!

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