Rotary Refurb



Nov 10


There are a lot of great people in the world. We’re just lucky enough to run into a few! Over 12 months ago we met the team from Kent Town Rotary. Hatching a plan to refurb the maternity wing of the Battambang Provincial Hospital we recently sent two containers of equipment on their way to Cambodia!

Having scoped out the needs of the Battambang Hospital in 2009, it was a no-brainer when Rotary’s Phil Luke suggested we check out a shed of hospital equipment stored in Adelaide. Ten months later we had a 40ft and 20ft shipping container jam packed with beds, mattresses, cots, guerneys, wheelchairs, walkers and a whole load more ready to set sail.

And its not only the amazing equipment that we’re excited about. It comes with a bonus! As Kent Town’s newly appointed ‘Prez’ Phil has rallied a team of ready Rotarians to unload the gear at the other end. So packing day became great preparation for unpacking day – complete with high viz vests!

Amy Leong is one of ten on the team. What she might lack in size she makes up for in heart and enthusiasm. She knows that hard work is ahead of the team. The maternity wing needs emptying of old equipment, floors need cleaning and the walls will get a fresh coat of paint.

Then Amy can take a well earnt lie down on one of the hospital’s new beds!

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