Sheerey’s Back!

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Oct 10


The last 18 months have been anything but straight forward for Neil Sheere. In the middle of 2009 Neil was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer. Like most people he was shocked to discover his body was carrying the rogue cells. While the road to recovery has been a tough one we’re pleased to announce – Sheerey’s back!

Neil is as ordinary as the next guy. He loves his sport, his kids, grand kids and his wife (not necessarily in that order). He likes to hang out with friends and keep fit and healthy (he’s English, so he drinks tea, preferably English Breakfast). But alongside his long list of business achievements and successes in the corporate world what makes Neil an extraordinary fella is his committment to making the world a better place.

In 2008 Neil visited Cambodia with a 2h team. The trip, for a variety of reasons left a lasting impact. We actually think it created a nice blend – the tough and the tender sides. We enjoyed it so much we invited Neil to join the 2h Board of Directors.

So when Neil became sick after only six months or so in his new role, its fair to say we were ‘bummed’! See we actually enjoyed Neil’s probing questions, his non-pc and his raw confidence. Qualities along with others that kept him in good stead over the last few months. Purely selfish we know, but we’re glad he’s on his way back to full fitness (and the 2h Board).

The best days are ahead – welcome back Sheerey!

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