Shor Jon



Sep 12


Shor Jon lives in a small bamboo and timber frame house with her husband, three children and her 94 year old grandmother. Before working at the 2h vocational Hub, Shor hadn’t held a regular job but had worked in rice fields when work was available, while her husband might pick up intermittent labouring work. It was hard making ends meet.

After two months of training, Shor acquired the skills necessary to make fashion bags and now earns $18 a week. Although her husband was troubled by his wife working for no pay during her training period, Shor’s hard work

and determination has paid off and her husband is now very happy. Shor said, “I found it very difficult at first but I decided to be patient and persistent. Now I have a skill, before I had nothing, this is like a university degree for me”.


Training at the Hub has changed not only Shor’s life but also the lives of her family. She is now able to afford nutritional food and send her children to school. When asked what she likes most about her job, Shor answered, “… I have a good job, an income, good friends to work with and the work is close to my home – I am so happy”.


Shor’s day starts at 5am and she goes to bed at 8pm. Asked whether she had ever dreamt of travelling to another place in the world, Shor just laughed and said one day she would like to travel to Siem Reap to see the temples.


The 2h Vocational Hub currently trains over one hundred women, allowing them to earn an income and improve their families’ health and education. This is a life-changing opportunity. If you would like to change the lives of women like Shor Jon, you can donate here today.


Your generosity will create more opportunities through the purchase of sewing machines, raw materials and upgrades to existing weaving looms.

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