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Apr 09


How basic birth training saves lives

As Program Director and Course Coordinator of the Midwifery Program at the University of South Australia I am very conscious of the need for midwives to work with women to ensure safe and fulfilling birth practices.

My role as a team member of the 2h Project Safe Arrivals program has allowed me to impart this knowledge and interact positively with both traditional birth attendants (tba) and midwives in Cambodia.

The enthusiasm to learn simple initiatives to ensure a safe birth for both the mother and baby was tremendously encouraging. It’s important for the tba’s and midwives to realize that it isn’t high tech machinery and testing that can save the life of a mother and baby but basic measures. Safe Arrivals has been a pleasure to work with and a valuable learning experience – I’m looking forward to my 3rd trip this year.

Beth Grinter
RN; RM; Dip App Sc Nursing Management; Masters Nursing
Program Director; Course coordinator Midwifery
University of South Australia

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