Tales of Three Cities

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Nov 09


What do a quiz afternoon in Darwin, a quilt in Canberra and a Queensland dinner party have in common?

Yep, that’s right they all start with the letter ‘Q’ … and they all raised funds for the 2h Project!

Darwin, home of the lazy afternoon, (and a cool drink) Kelly Ryan teamed up with Grant and Bek Dolphin to raise some cash and interest for 2h. Shenanigans Irish Pub was the venue for the 80 or so punters who pitted their wits against the quiz master. Kelly, Grant and Bek (past 2h team members) were keen to keep up their support for the projects. We’re glad they did. The afternoon was not only a lot of fun but raised enough money to purchase two brand new ‘chippers’ for the Farming for Futures project.  

Working with Kate as a midwifery student at Adelaide’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Alicia Juan heard about the 2h story. She shared it with her mum (who lives in Canberra). It turns out mum’s pretty handy at making quilts, amazing ones! So, mum and daughter decided to run a ‘quiet’ raffle for a ‘quality quilt’ – in the nation’s capital. The raffle was a winner – one hundred tickets were sold and some lucky person ended up with a beautiful quilt. In spite of Alicia ‘wishing they could have raised more’ – an extra 15 birth attendants have just been trained in Cambodia because of her (and mum’s) efforts. And congrats Alicia on your graduate position for next year!       

Back in March of this year Audra Davis invited a few friends to her Brisbane home for a bite to eat. (Audra met Kate at a midwifery conference when Kate was presenting the Safe Arrivals project). Audra’s idea was a simple one; cook up a bit of food, enjoy some live music, have a few drinks and give people the opportunity to get behind the TBA training in Cambodia.Twenty six people showed up and everyone kicked in, making the night a huge success – leaving Audra to get to bed at 4am! The final tally; a group of generous friends, out on the deck, one balmy Brisbane evening – and 49 traditional birth attendants were sponsored.

What’s so exciting about the quiz, the quilt and the Queenslanders is this. Ordinary people gave more than their money, they gave themselves – and that’s what makes them … and 2h, extraordinary. Thanks Kelly. Thanks Grant and Bec. Thanks Alicia. Thanks Mum. Thanks Audra. You guys are amazing!

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