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Nov 10


Not many people have been unceremoniously dropped from the back of a Cambodian motodop’s postie bike – especially into a knee deep muddy puddle. Grant Dolphin takes out those honors. We thought we’d catch up on why (despite his misfortune) he’s heading out on another 2h team. 

Why did you choose to get on board with 2h in the first place?
I had been to a couple of movie fundraisers with 2h and was always interested in what Kate and Kev were doing in Cambodia. Kev Taylor approached me and asked if I would be interested and I said ‘Yes!’ that was approximately 5 years ago.

You’ve been involved with the leadership at 2h for a few years now, have you seen any changes during that time?
During that time I have been involved with the discussions and decisions around purchasing the land for the farm in Palin, I have seen the TBA training go from strength to strength and been amazed at the number of Teams 2h has taken during that time.

Working in a job with some serious responsibility and having a wife and young family, to then be a part of 2h – has it been difficult to juggle?
Whatever you do in life it is important to be passionate about it, if you are not passionate about your job find another one. My wife and I are passionate about The 2h Project – we really enjoy being part of something that impacts people. All of our projects are designed to help and bring hope to people. Knowing that makes the juggling easier.

In 2007 you travelled with a bunch of people on a 2h team, (including a Kiwi!). What do you think makes a great team member?
The people and the experiences that you encounter together make a great team.

In a few weeks you’ll be leading a team for the first time. How do you think that will be different from your previous trip?
The biggest difference will be looking out for other people instead of looking after just myself. It has been great getting to know the team this year during meetings, it’s now going to be great to spend 12 days in Cambodia.

You’ve been responsible for developing a dedicated teams section on the 2h website. Why do you think that’s so important?
Teams are a vital part of 2h, taking people to see the projects first hand and being part of a culture that is so different to the western world for a 2 week period is an amazing life changing experience. Each team, have amazing experiences that you will not find on your basic guided tour. Our Cambodian friends show us a part of their world and we are privileged to feel it, breath it, smell it and experience it.

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