Teenage Mutants



Mar 11


“How do you get teenage boys out of bed this early in the morning?” That’s what everyone wanted to know at the launch of the Australian Central Savings & Loans Community Lottery.

The sun hadn’t risen on Friday the 4th March and Wilson Taylor, Fred Beytel, Jack Williams and Zac Wilkens were on their way to Adelaide’s Light Square. Four sixteen year old boys up before dawn. (A modern day miracle)

As part of the lottery launch community groups had been invited to compete in the credit union’s Community Challenge. It just happened to be very early in the morning.

But in spite of the hour some 30 teams were on hand to compete for a piece of the $5,000 prize money on offer.  That’s right, compete. Egg and spoon race, dress up relay, hoop relay, tunnel ball – before any of these lads had normally opened their eyes.

While it could be said that hormone fuelled teenage boys driven by the allure of prize money was the secret to making the final three, there was more to the 2h team’s success than met the eye. Like who would know all four of these boys had been personally challenged by the work of 2h.

So after the final event of the morning (a tunnel ball race between the last three teams), people were asking a different question. “How did you get four teenage boys to win the Australian Central Savings & Loans Community Challenge?”

Simple. Invite them to make the world a better place.

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