Thanks Ruby!


Aug 12


Have you ever thought ‘I’d really like to give to that charity or be involved with that project, but what can I really do?’

This is exactly what 17 year old Ruby Jones thought to herself when she heard about what the 2h Project does in Cambodia. Being in school with a casual job meant that she felt limited in her ability to participate in a meaningful way. So what could she do?

Instead of saying, “one day, when life is different…” Ruby decided to hold a sausage sizzle and lolly day at her school, selling to her friends and teachers and raising an impressive amount for 2h’s Safe Arrivals project. Ruby’s fundraising will go directly toward the training of traditional birth attendants in remote Cambodia this September and facilitate the provision of better standards of care during the critical hours of child birth and beyond.

Ruby’s fundraising efforts will have such a positive effect on many women’s lives, and highlight how simple it is for ordinary people to lend a hand and contribute to something extraordinary!

So in your school or place of work, what is it that you can do to help the world’s poorest? Let us know your ideas on our facebook page and get involved!

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