Trinity and Beyond



Jan 13


If you’ve ever wondered what the future might hold for humanity then travel with a bunch of rowdy teenagers to a developing nation. You’ll be surprised!

Just last week a team of 12 students from Trinity Christian College in South Australia along with four brave teachers visited the 2h in Cambodia. And as hosts, we loved every minute of it!

The trip had been planned for months so it was no accident that it coincided with harvest at our agricultural project. 55 hectares is a mammoth target for a four day visit but without any previous experience to dampen the enthusiasm the kids ‘stepped up’.


We have weird ways of measuring success in the west. Its usually got something to do with amounts, volume, numbers, dollars, the stuff we’ve accumulated or the potatoes we’ve harvested. But in some magical kind of way this group of teenagers in the wild west of Cambodia caught a glimpse of life lived in another way.


Did the harvest get completed? Nup, there’s still a crazy load of work to be done. But, without exception every person on the team reaped something special (and sowed some too).


If we’re shaped by our experiences and not simply by what we read in our text books then this group of students are sure to create a future that is fairer, kinder and more thoughtful of others. Take heart, humanity is in good hands.

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