What is friends of 2h?


Apr 09



What is friends of 2h?

We deliberately created Friends of 2h to build relationship and stay better connected with likeminded people. It recognises what we share in common and our collective power to change things. In short, some of the world’s worst problems seem impossible for one person to solve but together – the impossible can become a reality!

Friends of 2h is an opportunity to keep you informed. Not only will our website provide you with special updates on projects overseas and activities at home, but you’ll also receive regular news and information through our newsletters, both electronic and print. In addition we’ll give you advance notice on any of the upcoming local 2h events and give you priority to attend.

As well as keeping you up to date we’d love to invite you to be further involved. As a friend of 2h you’re immediately eligible for any of our annual field trips to Cambodia. Each year you’ll have the chance to join a 2h team and the opportunity to be ‘hands on’ with grassroots development.

There are also lots of ways that you can be involved right here in Australia. We have a team of volunteers, resources and ideas ready to help you run your very own Friends of 2h event. Join with others around Australia in raising awareness and funds through BBQs, dinners, quiz nights, cake stalls, and wine and cheese nights, and make a world of difference!

Finally, as with any friendship it’s great to chat. We’d love to catch up and answer any questions you might have about the 2h Project. We’re also happy to share the 2h story to groups of your own friends through dinners, business groups, breakfasts, school assemblies, social clubs or a coffee and cake with a few neighbours at your place.

To become a Friend of 2h requires an annual donation of $50. Your investment helps with a few important things;

  • It identifies yourself as a person who wants to be connected
  • It expands our potential for making the world a better place
  • It builds a level of sustainability to ensure the work of 2h is ongoing
  • It helps us to keep you updated
  • It supports grassroots development initiatives in Cambodia



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